NUNI looduslikust linast pehmed ja modernsed voodipesud, kodutekstiilid ja orgaanilised lasteriided on alati kvaliteetsed, mugavad ja minimalistlikult eksklusiivsed.

About linen

Linen is the first known textile fiber in the world and has been the most popular fabric for people of Europe for the past millennia.

Linen is known as a natural and healthy fabric that is; beneficial for the skin, insulating in winter, breathable in summer, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

Ecological: the process of flax and linen is environmentally friendly. It requires very little input in the way of pesticides or fertilizers and needs no irrigation. It’s processing into fiber respects the environment, as it is purely mechanical (using neither solvents nor water).

Easy Care: the fabric is very resistant, durable and can be washed many times without change to its appearance. On the contrary, it becomes softer and more appealing, as the years go by and is easily ironed.(Don't need ironed after drying machine).

Kiire tarne ja väga kvaliteetne kaup :)

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About me

Vanessa Yaretski


I am an interior designer with a passion for home textiles, especially bed linens.I am the founder of Nunihome – the brand of magical soft linen and wool products made for modern and comfortable home.

Since 2004 I have been working in interior lifestyle design, collaborating with leading architects. With time my designs have evolved from bold to subtle. The NUNI collection embraces vintage rustic and very modern urban style.

Today the company is well established and draws support and momentum from a growing functional-design consciousness.

We offer high quality, organic knits and modern products made of linen and wool made in Estonia. We hope it fits our contemporary user for healthy, functional, natural, modern scandinavian design.

I love natural fibers, washed natural linen and organic cotton have magical soft powers. NUNI’s luxury products are affordable and suitable for all who care about the health and  comfortable life. Bedding products lead and define natural lifestyle today. I continue to be inspired to create beautiful yet simple natural and organic products for daily use.


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